Designed and manufactured in Europe

The fastest and lightest solar, electric inflatable boat in the world.

Elegant and innovative design. Silent. Sails and glides effortlessly over the water.

Foldable. Transportable. Revolutionary.

Instantly inflated and deflated. Store it in your car’s trunk.

Advanced Technology

Drop Stitch material for a superior resilience.

Environmental Sustainability

Minimize your carbon footprint

Electric Future

Efficient and silent navigation

Instant Fun

Ready to sail in 15 min

Sustainable sailing. Cutting-edge Technology.

Zero noise. Zero emissions. Zero maintenance.

Electric Inflatable Boats on water
inflatable rigid electric boat

Innovation for nautical

Turn your experience on the water into a unique experience with the inflatable boats of the future. Easy to transport. Quickly inflated. Environmentally friendly

Resilient. Durable. Reliable.

Drop stitch technology (DWF). Internal structure with thousands of interlocked polyester threads. Numerous layers of sturdy materials. Precise control of rigidity and shape.

Materials used in the nautical and military sectors.

The innovation is in the factory

A key element that drives the excellence of our products.

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Drop Stitch technology (DWF)

DWF technology, known as Drop Stitch, is a revolutionary innovation for manufacturing inflatable products, especially notable in the nautical and military industries.

Comitted to Europe

Our boats are designed, manufactured and equipped in Europe. Meeting the highest quality standards. 5-year warranty.

Rigorous Testing Processes.

We strive to offer the best quality on the market. This commitment ensures a safe and reliable product.


Customer Satisfaction Focused

We support our customers in every step, from the purchase to the continuous usage of our products.

console for electricat small boat

20 Years of Experience

More than 20 years manufacturing and 35 years distributing innovative products. This brand-manufacturer synergy backs our dedication to innovation and commitment to the customer’s satisfaction.

Research + Development

The eHoverGo solar-powered electric boats are just one of the many products that our manufacturer produces with this material. In addition of having more than 50 inventions and 6 patents, the R+D department works with Space X, Boeing, Airbus, Survitec…

inflatable canal boats at manufacturing
The easiest and most complete solar electric boat from eHoverGo.
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A version with more engine power and longer battery life
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The largest solar electric boat of the eHoverGo family.
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From Europe
to the World.

Commited to excellence. All of our products are manufacted in Europe. This approach lets us keep high quality standards and control in every step of the manufacturing process. It’s no coincidence that we offer a 5-year warranty.

Driven by Experience.

A leading manufacturer in the sector, with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing inflatable products, ensuring a deep knowledge and unmatched quality in each of our products.

Production Control

We strive to offer the best quality on the market, and to achieve this, all eHoverGo products go through rigorous testing.

Customer Satisfaction

Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. In addition to offering high quality products, we are committed to provide an exceptional customer service.