Designed and manufactured in Europe

Zero Noise Emissions Maintenance

New boat models

The future of the nautical entertainment

Discover a new form of fun with eHoverGo.

A modern and innovative design that uses Drop Stitch Technology (DWF)

Start sailing with clean and silent energy.

100% Electric

Silent and clean energy. No gas emission nor fossil fuels.

Solar Energy

Rechargeable with solar energy. Extend your battery's range.

Zero Maintenance

High quality and sturdy materials. Minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to Transport

Carry your Elcat comfortably in your car's trunk.

Made in Europe

All the eHovergo models are made in Europe.

Innovative design. Efficient Navigation.

Lightweight. Durable. Stable. Electric

Electricat boat inflatable small boat


The boat for the explorers and adventurers.

From 9,873 €

narrow boat for sale, rigid inflatable boat, rib boats for sale, small boats for sale, electricat


The easiest, most complete and popular.

From 13.843 €

Big Elcat Electric Boat on water


The most spacious and largest in the family.

From 22.273 €

Silence is the Essence of Navigation

A clean, pure and sustainable way of exploring.

The ideal complement for your boat

Electric Motors
with Innovative

electric outboard motor, inflatable boat with motor, inflatable dinghy, narrow boat for sale, electricat
electric outboard motor, inflatable boat with motor, inflatable dinghy, narrow boat for sale, electricat

Noise-free sailing

Enjoy the tranquility of silent navigation. Sailing calmly provides you with a unique experience.

Sustainability and efficiency

A smart investment for you and the environment. Save on money and maintenance.

Innovation and Reliability

There is nothing like knowing our boats have a superior resilience and toughness.

No emissions

We are sailing towards a sustainable and environmentally respectful future.
Iván Torres
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"It's amazing to just take the boat with you wherever you want in the trunk of your car! We inflate it with the electric charge of the car and we are sailing in just 30 minutes."
Miranda Ballesteros
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"We were surprised by the boat's resilience; my partner, her sister and me, with 2 small kids, were sailing peacefully. It's really fun and stable! And you don't need a license to drive it!"
Jesús Hernández
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"We use it to camp, sail, explore... it's wonderful how comfortable and silent it is. It's really fun to dive into the water jumping from the top or watching the scenery from above"
Rodrigo Gutierrez
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"We rent these boats to families without needing a license or experience, and they have a great time. In addition of being resilient and requiring little maintenance, the interchangeable battery lets us rent the boat all day long"



eHoverGo offers different models depending on your needs.

Capacity for 6-8 people

Assembled in

10-60 minutes

Up to 7 knots of speed


¿Don't you know what model best suits you?

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